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About Us

UCore Connectronics take pride in introducing ourselves as an accomplished house of Electronic Components and Connectors. Established in 2008, the last decade made us to supply to major OEMs, manufacturing industries, R&D units & Startups. Encouraging and healthy support from our customers helped to fulfill 95% of their component needs through us.

Our passion in the field helped over 1000 satisfied clients in reducing their overhead for sourcing from several vendors. In the past one decade, we imported connectors and components from over 15 countries that too from branded manufacturers.  We offer customers with their custom requirements of lead length, pitch size, sorting for better tolerance, manufacturing components to suit their design through our excellent relations with the overseas and the local manufacturers. We keep inventory at our warehouses in Mumbai and Bangalore that enables customers to have a minimal wait time for deliveries and they can manage better with their stores with the use of our excellent logistics across India.

Our technical staff is also capable to suggest alternative economic solutions which is either equal to or better than the existing component/connectors. We are confident to give 100% satisfaction to our customers with our infrastructure, well qualified staff and deliveries across India.

Our product ranges from Connectors, IC’s, full range of Active as well as passive components, Semiconductors, Potentiometers with main focus on connectors and ICs. We normally cover 95% of customer’s Bill of Material.

Our Trading system is well advanced in India and we do not hire any third party in sourcing products to our customers. We have authorized manufacturers in this field to cater the quality and price competitiveness.